Leighton is the Chief Operating Officer. Leighton began his real estate career in 2004 when he joined the hotel industry with Marriott International as an Assistant Controller. During his time there, he was responsible for managing and increasing sales for Rooms, F & B and Banquets at full service hotels with more than 1,000 rooms. After gaining an understanding of the business, he was able to forecast sales, analyse opportunities and control costs to help the hotel achieve a 90% in Key Performance Indicator resulting in operating efficiency.

In 2010, Leighton co-founded Fantastic Cosmetics, a manufacturing company located in the Caribbean specialising in perfumes. He introduced new fragrances into the Caribbean market while delivering quality with affordable prices led to rapid growth in the market. Having exposure to corporate structure, he created systems and implemented processes in R & D, assembly, packaging, logistics, inventory management and sales & marketing. In just 4 years, Fantastic Cosmetics became the leading manufacturer of innovate fragrances, increasing sales by 500% and started expanding into multiple beauty products.

Leighton has a degree in Accounting and MIS from Florida International University. He specializes in hotel development, acquisitions, and investments.

Leighton and his wife, Lisa, have two children and live in Houston. They are passionate about real estate and are actively involved in the church as well as other non-profit organizations.